About Us

The Synergy Stand product was born late 2014 / early 2015.

The stand came about after the team at Multiple Monitors Ltd grew ever more frustrated at the state of the multi-monitor stand market.

Who Are Multiple Monitors?

Multiple Monitors is UK business that has been trading since early 2008 who specialise in multi-screen capable computer equipment.

Serving a more professional set of customers they are experts at producing top quality multi-monitor computers which can support between 2 and 24 screens from just 1 PC.

You can visit them here: Multiple Monitors

Why The Frustration?

Over the years the Multiple Monitors team have used pretty much every multiple monitor stand on the market, this gave them a great insight into what works and what doesn’t work.

Traditionally multi-monitor stands come in two flavours:

1. Expensive & Over Engineered

2. Cheap & Weak

Multiple Monitors have used some really good stands in the past however the price of them was astronomical, even at a reasonable level of volume it was just unsustainable. The stands also needed an engineering degree just to assemble them!

At the other end of the market the products available are just not up to the standard required. Cheap materials lead to arms that struggle to hold the weight of the screens securely making alignment next to impossible.

The other issue with every stand they ever looked at was the lack of flexibility, not just in how you can actually setup the screens on the mount (although that is often lacking), but also in terms of the overall stand itself.

What if you had a triple horizontal arrangement and then decided to add another screen? It’s basically impossible to reconfigure any other stands on the market, adding another screen means buying a brand new stand.

It shouldn’t be like that should it?

Tired of dealing with stand issues they approached a UK based manufacturer to design a brand new range of stands and the Synergy Stand was born.

The initial brief was as follows:

  • Ultra strong and sturdy stands that hold monitors securely
  • A high degree of flexibility to let people create their perfect stand layout
  • Ability to mount larger screens and still create curved layouts
  • A modular system with interchangeable parts so that stands can grow with customers needs
  • Simple assembly without the need for specialist skills
  • A reasonable price point

The Synergy Stand hits all the targets of the initial brief and more, it is the most flexible multi-screen mounting system available on the market and we are very proud to offer it to you.

The Synergy Stand website offers the full range of Synergy Stands and is the only place to purchase them and the individual modular components that allows you to reconfigure them, supplied across the UK on a next working day basis.