SS-4P - Assembly Instructions

To assemble your Quad Pyramid Synergy Stand please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Base & Central Pole Installation

(Components: SS-B1, SS-BP, SS-P2)

Step 2 - Central Clamp Installation

(Component: SS-C1)

Installation Tip: Install this central clamp before attaching the central monitor to enable perfect screen alignment.

Step 3 - JOINING & End Arm Installation

(Components: SS-A1, SS-A2)

Step 4 - Lower CENTRAL SCREEN & VESA Mount Installation

(Component: SS-C2)

Installation Tip: Let the monitor hang below the clamp and slide down into position directly over the SS-C1 clamp.

Step 5 - Lower OUTER SCREEN & VESA Mount Installation

(Component: SS-V1)

Installation Tip: Tighten the clamp screws equally to ensure the best grip and to avoid damage to your clamp.

Step 6 - Upper SCREEN & VESA Mount Installation

(Component: SS-C2)

Download Assembly Instructions (PDF) - Assembly Instructions